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The only food API you'll ever need! Our knowledge engineers spent years crafting our complex food ontology, which allows us to understand the relationships between ingredients, recipes, nutrition, allergens, and more.
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Cryptocurrency Prices

Crypto Prices

Latest ticker and historic daily OHLCV data aggregated from over 250 exchanges representing the markets for more than 1500 crypto assets and 6500 market pairs. Brave New Coin has been providing data, indexes, analysis and... Learn more

GeoDB Cities

This service provides basic info about cities, counties, regions, and countries throughout the world. It allows you to constrain and sort the data in various ways, retrieving just what’s relevant to your use-case.

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Easy Instagram

We have a scrapper engine. It can extract followers, following, the last post, from the influencer. We use exclusive proxy to unblock Instagram anti-bot. Suitable for Influencer management, agency, etc..

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Customisable QR Codes. Support for styles, images and more! Bare metal engine gives it incredible speed.

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Email Verifier

Simple yet powerful email verification API at an affordable price. Additional checks for domains with catch-all enabled.

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