Consuming a service

Subscription Price

The subscription price is for 10,000 invocations. You will be charged for exactly what you’ve used even if you don’t use over a 10,000 invocations.

Infrastructure cost calculation

Infra cost per second is determined monthly and reflects the closest estimation of Byvalue’s cloud infrastructure expenses for running your service. Each invocation will be charged by the runtime in seconds times the infra cost per second.

The cost of infrastructure changes depending on the deployment settings used. Choosing a larger amount of CPU cores and Memory allocated when creating your service will incur additional infrastructure costs per second.

If you need to associate a specific cost to a specific run you can fetch the data from the metadata part of the response when using the function. We suggest to save each response for easier monitoring and budget control.


The pricing plan are reserved to you as long as you are subscribed to a service. If for any reason you would like to unsubscribe from a service, go to the service’s page and click the unsubscribe bundle.

If you wish to re-subscribe your will be subscribe to the current pricing plan for that service.

Payments & billing cycle

Byvalue sees both it’s service creators and the consumers of these services as professionals that own a business or use a business’s services.

All billing will be done monthly just like most online businesses.

Charges – You will be charged monthly for all services you have used and for their respective infrastructure costs by the actual usage (if applies).

Withdraw – You can withdraw funds anytime, providing you have a positive balance. All revenue from your created services, referral royalties and rewards from solving challenges will be readily available for you to withdraw from your profile.