Creating a service in byvalue is free!

Your Business, Your Rates

Byvalue aims to empower developers by providing a risk-free all in one solution to API monetization. Creating and monetizing your API service is always free. No payment method is required. We offer you full flexibility when pricing your services, allowing you to price per endpoint and per call.

Our Simplified Pricing

The only cost to you is a 10% fee we deduct from the payments received for your services on our platform. Everything else is included.

Yes it’s that easy, you can focus on providing awesome API service and let us take care of the rest! We meter and report your customers usage, bill them, and process their payments. We will charge your customers once a month, and then credit your account the full amount minus our fee. For example, if your subscribers spent $1,000 last month on your services through Byvalue, we will collect a $100 fee and credit your account with the remaining $900. If they didn’t buy from you at all, you won’t pay a cent, 

Hosted API Services - Eliminate Infrastructure Costs

*Please note: This section is only relevant if Byvalue is hosting your service on our servers. If you already have an existing hosted API this will not apply to you or your customers. If you’d like to learn more about saving on infra costs and hosting your services with us, please feel free to contact us.

We have removed the risk of accruing any unexpected infrastructure costs. Since we are taking care of it, we decided that like power, water or rent, whoever is using the infrastructure should be the one to pay for it.

Actual infrastructure costs for calling your API’s will be automatically calculated and included in your subscriber’s bill, to be paid by them. All you need to do is to set the price for your service like you normally would and we will take care of the overhead headaches. Since in most cases the infra costs are insignificant, most of your users won’t notice the difference. But when thousands of users are consuming your services every month, it adds up nicely and those savings translate to better earnings for you.

Create your business from just code, literally! Using our platform you can start by just writing some code, once ready you can convert that into a hosted and monetized API service. We will promote it for you, and take care of charging your customers. When they use it, you start getting paid. You have no server costs, listing fees, marketing expenses or anything else to worry about, making this a truly risk-free opportunity. Create a free hosted service and start saving on infra costs.


When monetizing your own hosted API, Byvalue will not charge for infrastructure as that is paid by you directly to your infrastructure provider.